The tiny country I was born in and which I deeply cherish. The more I travel, the more I realize how lucky we are to live here. It’s certainly no Utopia either but yes, the quality of life is good.

I grew up in the east side of the country. In the area of Twente; a countryside, with endless meadows, babbling brooks, silence and cozy small towns. My article on Enschede (soon online) will show you around this region. The big cities in the west were luring me in though, so 1,5 year ago I took the plunge. It’s a great experience to be a tourist in your own country; sometimes we forget that you can discover wonderful things around your own familiar corner. Holland is a lot more than mills, tulips, clogs, and cheese. It is so diverse: when I’m in Limburg I really feel like I’m in another country due to the architecture of the houses. Friesland amazes me with its open waters and the stubborn faces that change into smiles if you’re the first to show one. I glorify the exuberant attitude of the people in Brabant and Zeeland gives you that summer holiday feeling with its long soft beaches. Moreover, I still can’t believe that we created a whole new province, Flevoland, from the bottom of the sea.

The style and architecture of the houses change very much from north to south, the dialects are no longer understood and opinions fluctuate. I will slowly add new parts of the Netherlands to my portfolio so that you know where you need to be to get the most out of the visited regions and cities. First of all, Amsterdam, my big, diverse LOVE.