I’ve been in Italy once before, as a child but that aren’t my best holiday memories unfortunately. But that got everything to do with the lousy appartment that we booked; cat hair everywhere, kiddo-poop (let’s hope it was from kids) floating in the pool and my sister of 4 had to be crammed into a child seat because children’s bikes weren’t rented at that fascinating holiday accommodation. I figured it was time for a second chance. Rome has been on my list for years and I decided to go alone. My first holiday all by myself. 7 days tutto solo. The night up front I didn’t sleep at all. Why did I wanted to do this? Had I’ve gone mad? But after I landed I shook my nervousness off and the excitement returned. I was ready for Rome’s rich history, breathtaking architecture and good-tasting carbohydrates. And boy, this city did took a good revenge.


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