I've been in Italy once before, as a child but that aren’t my best holiday memories unfortunately. But that got everything to do with the lousy appartment that we booked; cat hair everywhere, kiddo-poop (let's hope it was from kids) floating in the pool and my sister of 4 had to be crammed into a… Lees verder Italy


Together with two of my adventurous (and prrrretty) friends we jumped on a plane to wake up in the country of the bright green star. Where to sleep? Through the narrow peach-colored alleys of the old medina we reached the thick wooden door of Riad Farhan. Farhan means happy in Arabic and it turned out… Lees verder Marrakech


Portugal is since I was a teenager one of my favorite travel destinations. Guaranteed pink sunsets, the most warmhearted people (the more north you go, the friendlier they are) (well, that’s what they told me) and endless plates full of Amêijoas (shellfish simmered in garlic and coriander). After several ‘girls only’ holidays in the Algarve… Lees verder Portugal


Where to sleep?I wanted to discover two different sides of Lisboa. So I figured I wanted to stay in Bairro Alto (the more modern, hip part of town) and Alfama (the oldest part of town and therefore so, so charming). I found a nice little hostel in Bairro that is called the Oasis Backpackers Hostel.… Lees verder Lisbon


Where to sleep? When I arrived in Porto I was quite tired of all the sightseeing in Lisbon. Luckily I booked a room at the Mim Hostel. This place is actually a big house and it has several rooms and corners to hide and do your nanna naps. Their bohemian garden with hammocks is the… Lees verder Porto