Where to sleep?

When I arrived in Porto I was quite tired of all the sightseeing in Lisbon. Luckily I booked a room at the Mim Hostel. This place is actually a big house and it has several rooms and corners to hide and do your nanna naps. Their bohemian garden with hammocks is the best place. Especially when dog Bollota stops by and puts her perky ass on your lap. Mandatory rest for the next few hours is what she requires from you. The thing that was quite annoying though, is that there are mixed bathrooms, which I didn’t know… Nipple flashing is not something I do in public, to the boy who caught me haha.


Where to zen?

Another great napping spot is the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. (The gardens of the crystal palace) This park has several cosy private spots where you can put down your blanket or yoga mat. You will be accompanied by baby peacocks, scented aromatic plants and lots of beautiful peeking points toward the river.

Want a more spectacular view of the Douro river? It is possible to climb the Ponte da Arrábida with Porto Bridge Climb. It’s not that exhausting and the view is breath-taking but that may have to do something with the (mini) glass of port and a chocolate that you receive at the top.

Walking back along the river, the smell of fresh grilled sardines got me longing for a last great night out to end this amazing trip.


Where to eat/drink?

Some well-poured spirits are always a nice start. There is a short street called Galeria de Paris and it’s famous for its fine bars. We chose Pão que Ladra and started the evening in that good alcoholic way. Hungry for more, we hopped into our taxi which led us to, what we were told; is one of the best seafood resto’s of Porto. 5 Oceanos fulfilled our ocean-wet dreams with trays of shellfish, lobster, crab and again delightful monkfish stew. All accomplished by a wonderful ruby-colored port. This place is such a nice restaurant to top off your holiday and treat yourself for that very last time.


Sweet, sweet Portugal. It was again, a blast to visit you. I am able now to compare the tranquillo live of the coastal villages to the buzzing city life. It just turned out; wherever you’re looking for in a holiday; Portugal has it. I’ll sip my last port on this last hot night here on the street in Porto while I wonder, what more could I long for? Maybe just one thing; that I’ll fit my pants again in a few weeks. But oh weeelll, who cares. Portugal livin’s good.

Thanks for reading.

Até à próxima!



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